Thermography Services

Health Checklist and What to Bring

  General For Women For Men

Every 6-12 months

Thermograms are taken in the morning, no more than six hours after waking.

Have thermography readings done at about same time during cycle; not while menstruating.


List of medications

Any surgeries?

Family History

Your Dental history

Any X-rays, CAT Scans, etc.

Injury/Accident  History

STD history

List of Known Allergies

Phobias, compulsions, cravings, etc.


Breast self-exam – anything you have noticed.

Describe typical cycle: What is normal for you?

If menopausal/post-menopausal - history and any complaints.

History of pregnancies, miscarriages, etc.

Any issues with prostate – ED, frequency, urgency, etc.

Men get breast cancer too: self-exam – anything you have noticed.


Blood Chemistry Panel

Cholesterol & Blood Pressure Workup

Blood sugar if overweight

Thyroid panel

Colonoscopy at 50 and then every 10 years.

Pap smears every 1-3 years

Pelvic and breast exam once a year.

A mammogram at 40 or 50, depending on family history.

PSA/Prostate exam once a year.

Food diary

Elimination diary

Supplement /herb diary

Medication diary

Mood Swings – especially depression (time of day), emotional issues that come up work/home.

Your cycle. Prostate issues related to time of day, morning/evening/sleep

Energy levels

Sleep patterns

Allergy symptoms including time of day when worse/better.

Libido levels Any ED issues?