Thermography Services


Preparation for Your Thermogram

Please consider the following points before receiving your thermogram:

1. Please do not shower, exercise, or engage in any activities that will increase your blood circulation.

2. Have a light breakfast, replacing any coffee (caf or decaf), black or green teas with herbal teas. No caffinated soft drinks like Coke, Pepsi.

3. Please do not smoke or drink alcohol a minimum of 24 hours before receiving your thermogram.

4. Take only medications you take regularly and to which your body has adapted. Your physician and/or therapist can give you further information.

5. Your arms and legs need to be covered regardless of weather and season. Wear comfortable clothes like a long-sleeve shirt or a sweater and loose-fitting, full-length pants, with shoes and socks.

6. No tight fitting clothing - avoid any item of clothing that leaves a red mark when you remove it.

7. Please do not use any creams, lotions or make-up on your skin. Men should not shave the morning of the thermogram.

8. Avoid confrontation or emotional stress on the day of your thermogram.